Baby Names That Sound Great But You Better Avoid! Part I

Thanks to popular culture there are some baby names out there that you might want to avoid just simply because they are associated with some bizarre characters or simply will not ring right in the ears of others as the child matures!

Adolf – Unfortunately the legacy of Adolf Hitler kind of ruined this lovely name for the rest of us.
Alistair – This is a bit reminiscent of Alistair Crowley, the founder of a huge Satanic Cult.
Archie – This name is a bit too retro and not very sexy – it summons up images of the bigot Archie Bunker and the red-headed cartoon character named Archie.
Attila – This name got a bad rep from Attila the Hun who murdered thousands while taking over the world in the mid-400s B.C. His name is associated always with rape and murder.
Babylon – This is a trendy name for a girl right now but it has a malevolent meaning that alludes that your girl could be slutty or evil.
Banjo – This is a name made hip by actress Rachel Griffiths but it is a name that does not have much personality as it makes you think of the musical instrument.
Barnabas – If you are Goth in bent this might be suitable but the name belongs to a vampire from the movie 'Dark Shadows.'
Buddy – Before naming your kid Buddy be aware that a lot of dog owners call their kid this nowadays.
Buffy – This is okay if you do not mind your child being associated with the nineties show 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' It is a bit shallow.
Caesar – The name sounds powerful, like your child could rule the world but it actually means 'hairy!'
Caleb – This is a trendy name for little boys lately but it does mean 'little dog.'
Calvin – This trendy boy's name also means bald!
Cameron – The bi-suitable name of Cameron means 'crooked nose.' Weirdly, star Cameron Diaz had a crooked nose most of her life due to a deviated septum that she only recently had corrected.
Campbell – A name for either a boy or a girl it actually means 'crooked mouth.'
Casper – Technically it means the boy who lives with the wolves but it is a bit too much like the cartoon 'Caspar the Friendly Ghost.'
Cassandra – This means a devious gold-digger or woman who loves to entangle men.
Damien – This was the name of the Kid from 'The Omen' who was supposed to be the AntiChrist.

More good advice about what NOT to name your kid in the next installment of this blog!