Good Books About Indigo Children

The term “Indigo Child” comes from psychic and author Nancy Ann Tappe, who was an aura reader. She is the author of the first indigo children's book, which was published in 1982 and called 'Understanding Your Life Through Color.' She essentially classified people’s personalities according to their auras and was the first to mention the presence of indigo auras among us.

Tappe always claimed that the majority of Indigo children began to appear on earth after 1970 and their numbers are growing every day. She also claims that aside from having the distinctive purple/blue auras these children also have a few physical characteristics including very large clear eyes. She also said they would be known for their long memories and ability to retain a lot of detail. Their purpose on earth here is apparently to build a future bridge from the past so that mankind can eventually prevented from destroying itself.

The 1998 book The Indigo Children later popularized the idea of Indigo children: The New Kids Have Arrived, written by the Lee Carroll and Jan Tober. This husband and wife pair of channelers contact a “master angelic energy” called Kryon. In this book they note that the shift from multi-colored auras to the inky colored auras of the Indigo children are coming.

Doreen Virtue has also written a book about Indigo Children only she has branded them as Crystal Children. The book 'The Crystal Children' was also paired with another best selling paper back called 'The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children.' These books are based on the premise brought up by Tappe, which is that 95% of the souls being born on earth today are these Indigo children.

There have also been some books written about the difficult indigo child character traits such as aggression, rebelliousness and defiance. The book is written by Dianne Lancaster and is called 'Dealing With Indigo Rage.'

There are also many books for Indigo Adults as that is exactly what the indigo kids born in the seventies and eighties have become. They have their own sets of problems because they did not navigate their way through the educational system so well as there are no schools for indigo children. Many of them were seen as disruptive and medicated. Many have personality disorders as a result and are very angry. A good book to read on this subject is 'Anger and the Indigo Child' which discusses ways of coping for both sensitive adult and child Indigos.

Another good book on this subject is by Barbara Cordon and is called 'How to Raise an Indigo Child: 10 Keys For Cultivating a Child's Natural Brilliance.' This book helps you avoid some of the dysfunction that can be part of trying to raise a gifted Indigo individual. The idea is to teach them how to manage their gifts so others will accept them and that they can reach their full potential in society.