The Hushamok

Have you ever wanted a cradle that also functions a swing? The 'old fangled' swinging crib is back and several companies are manufacturing them. This stylish and very safe kind of baby bed is also called a Hushamok. That is because the Hushamok company makes the best of these types of suspension cradles. These types of cradles were originally very popular in the seventies and they haven't been much in evidence until just recently. Perhaps this is because they are such large unwieldy objects. Buying one is practically like agreeing to have a huge metal sculpture in your house. As gorgeous as they are these Hushamok cribs are simply not that compact.
Basically this swinging freestanding crib consists of a canoe shaped hammock style bed that is suspended inside a large metal armature. The cradle itself is made of cotton or nylon. The suspended crib actually looks a bit like an extended papoose with a zipper. You can safely zip your baby into this crib just like you would a tent but the baby is not completely encapsulated by the tent's fabric.
The Hushamok is not exactly a space saver. The actual stand that holds baby crib is huge and C shaped and you would need an entire corner of a room to set it up. My neighbor who had this crib actually had it set up in the very center of her room because it is so tall unwieldy and big. It is just a giant C shape that is connected to a T-shaped hangar on spring. The actual cradle hangs from the T by a huge spring of metal.
The fact that the Hushamok is a suspended cradle allows us to give it a gentle shove. It will then proceed to gently rock the baby back and forth in a subtle manner for hours.
Many contemporary young couples just adore this bed. For one thing it is really unique looking. It does look like it belongs in a Swedish furniture museum even it is really large. The cribs themselves come in cool colors like electric pink or neon green. .
Furthermore it is approved by the American SIDS Institute because the way it is constructed forces the baby to sleep on its back and discourages the side sleeping that can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. If the baby tries to roll over the cradle starts to rock and prevents the baby from doing so. The result is less worried parents because they realize that their child is not going to suddenly end up on its belly or its side. You also don't have to worry about the child falling out of the crib either as the suspension on the crib will compensate for the movement of the child and nudge it gently back into the center of the cradle. There is no way this child can actually fall out of the Hushamok!

New Born Tips For Moms

Are you just welcoming a new little person into the world? Here are some tips to taking great care of this fragile little human at first.

TIP #1 – If your baby is not properly latching on your nipple to suckle then there is no point in wasting any time. Take yourself and the child immediately to a lactation consultant. These are staff members in hospitals who can show you how to get the baby to latch onto your nipple properly. Don't wait for the baby to 'get it' as the baby can become fatigued; lose weight and even face life-threatening conditions if you do not get him or her latched on immediately.

TIP #2 – While nursing most mothers find it most comfortable to put pillows behind the small of her back and behind her shoulders if she is sitting. If she is sitting up in bed it helps to put pillows under your knees and one in your lap (to help bring the baby up to the level of your chest.

TIP #3 – To raise a happy baby consider carrying him with you in a sling and carrying him or her with you wherever you go. Studies have shown that babies who are constantly carried are less fussy

TIP#4 – To keep your baby happy while you are during other things like preparing dinner or cleaning the house put him or her in a swing. Some newer swings even oscillate in a circular motion rather than the traditional back and forth motion. It’s best to borrow a swing or try one out on your baby at the store to avoid investing in something that your baby

TIP #5 – If your baby seems really fussy or anxious then try touching him or her more. Try gently massaging all parts of your infant's body including the toes, fingers, bellies and ears. This can help relax and soothe the child.

TIP #6 – If you are dealing with a really distressed or panicky newborn then try nursing him or her while sitting in the bathtub. Place the baby in direct contact with your naked skin as you lie in a warm bath and nurse him or her. This is sure to calm down even the most hysterical of screaming infants.

TIP #7 – No matter how irritating it is to you recognizing that your baby's crying is an attempt to communicate to you. It is never an attempt to torture you or to be bad. Whatever you do you should never let a baby 'cry it out' as that is psychologically damaging to the child. Never punish a child or treat it harshly for crying.

TIP #8 – This tip is for new Mom's who often feel burnt out. It is very invigorating for both you and the baby to take a walk every now and then to get some air and also relieve feelings of depression or anxiety. Studies have shown that walking briskly every day for a minimum of forty-five minutes can help alleviate the symptoms of post partum depression.